TDCJ Chaplaincy Mentor Training


Role of Faith

Role of Family

Getting Mobile

Living Outside

Getting Clean

Coping with Life


Coping with Life

A mentor is a responsive adult;
Not a cool peer.

You will be required to assist your mentee in many mundane tasks we all take for granted.

These include:

  • Preparing a budget
  • Opening a checking account, writing checks, and balancing a checkbook
  • Preparing a resume and filling out a job application
  • Basic computer skills and opening an email account
  • Acquiring telephone service
  • Signing a lease for an apartment
It is tempting to ignore the elephant in the room, but that will eventually result in failure.

Employers usually ask about felony convictions and will do a criminal background check. Employers will also require a history of employment for five or ten years.

Employers routinely dismiss any employee who falsifies information on an application for employment. It is in your mentee’s best interest to tell the truth.

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