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Unrealistic Mentor Expectations

You, as mentor, may also have some unrealistic expectations of mentoring.

  • Others will accept the offender as you. In fact, you may have to help your mentee cope with rejection.
  • Your mentee can make good decisions. Past decisions have not all been good and you cannot assume they will make good decisions in the future.
  • The mentee will communicate with you outside prison the same as they communicated when inside.
  • You will not have all the answers. You should not let them expect you to have all the answers.
  • Mentee will take all your suggestions.
  • Your mentee will know how to keep appointments.
  • Your mentee has “normal” thinking patterns.
  • Being in chapel will assure them of success.

You helped your mentee arrange a job interview. You feel you have done all you need to assure their success.


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