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Unrealistic Expectations

Your mentee may have expectations of you, mentoring, or life outside that are unrealistic.

  1. Now that I’m saved there are no problems. This will affect mentees who are new to a religion.
  2. They deny they have any problems with fear, anger, or addiction.
  3. A married mentee may believe he can move in and take over immediately. The spouse has been getting along without their presence for several years and may not be ready to change.
  4. An unmarried mentee believes they can find a spouse and get married quickly after release. The stress of life change and a new marriage can harm them emotionally and physically.
  5. The mentee may be overconfident in their ability to do without the guidance of the mentor.
  6. A mentee who is new to religion may believe they can win all their friends.
  7. A mentee believes finding a job will be easy.
    A mentee believes finding a job will be impossible.

Your job is to help them refine their expectations based on reality

Your mentee believes that they will get a job immediately upon release and have all the money they want to spend.

Your job will be to help them prepare a budget.


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