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Mentoring Inside

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Mentoring Inside

You will be communicating with your mentee by mail and in person.
Your communication must promote rehabilitation and/or a continuum of care.

Your correspondence with your inside mentee must be in accordance with TDCJ policy.

An approved volunteer (excluding all approved employee volunteers) may correspond with an offender. The volunteer shall include, as part of their return address, the volunteer category under which they provide services (e.g. chaplaincy volunteer, education volunteer, substance abuse volunteer, or other areas). It is recommended that volunteers use the organization, program, or church address which they represent as the return address.

Mentors have the additional privilege of contacting offender’s family by phone or mail. Mentors may also contact community groups on the offender’s behalf.

Remember: TDCJ may modify or terminate the mentoring relationship if the nature of the relationship is believed to present a potential threat to the mentor or the security of the institution.

Your mentee asks you to contact his brother to ask for money to be put on his account.

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