TDCJ Chaplaincy Mentor Training


TDCJ Policy


Mentoring Inside

Mentoring Outside


Starting to Mentor

The mentor relationship will begin with the completion of an application to be a mentor. The unit chaplain will take the application and will use it to assign a mentee to the mentor.

You will be expected to mentor the offender for at least 12 months while they are inside the unit.

You will be expected to meet with your mentee at least once per month and attend a debriefing with the chaplain once per month.

You must report information of a criminal nature. You may not accept or give gifts to a mentee while they are inside the unit.

Your relationship may be terminated by you or the chaplain at any time.

Your mentee informs you that his cellie recently received marijuana from a visitor. You must tell the chaplain at the risk of destroying the relationship with your mentee.

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