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Manufacturing, Agribusiness and Logistics Division

Transportation and Supply

Snyder Distribution Center

The Snyder Distribution Center is located near the Daniel Unit in Snyder, Texas. The warehouse has 84,050 square feet dry storage space and 32,350 square feet of cold storage space for a total of 116,400 square feet of storage space. The warehouse ships and receives vital stock to support the agency's mission.

A primary function for this operation is to distribute items to TDCJ units within Regions IV, V, and VI such as food, offender clothing and textiles, offender necessities, soaps, detergents, janitorial supplies, office supplies, and printed materials.

Outside vendors or shipping companies with deliveries are required to contact the warehouse staff to set up a delivery date and time. Failure to make an appointment may result in refusal of shipment delivery.

Contact Information
Physical Address: 2100 North Kings Hwy., Snyder, Texas 79549
Telephone: (325) 573-6125, ext. 223
Fax: (325) 573-2652

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday, 6:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Delivery Hours
All deliveries are by appointment and any unscheduled arrivals will be handled as time permits. Unscheduled arrivals may have to wait until an appointment can be arranged or until the next work day.


Click this link for a map to the Snyder Distribution Center.

From Hwy. 84 (Eastbound):

  1. Take Hwy. 208 and 350 exit.
  2. Go 1/4 mile, turn right into the facility's entrance. All truck traffic will go to the rear of the warehouse for instructions.

From Hwy. 84 (Westbound):

  1. Take the Hwy. 208 and 350 exit and proceed to the road intersection.
  2. Turn left at the stop sign and go under Hwy. 84.
  3. Immediately turn right onto the service road.
  4. Travel approximately one city block, go to the second driveway entrance.
  5. Turn left into the facility. All truck traffic will go to the rear of the warehouse for instructions.