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Manufacturing, Agribusiness and Logistics Division

Transportation and Supply

Transportation & Supply includes: Fleet & Freight Transportation and Warehousing & Supply.

Fleet & Freight Transportation

Fleet & Freight Transportation has four freight terminals and six mechanical operations located in Beeville, Huntsville, Tennessee Colony, Rosharon and Snyder. The department is responsible for the management and supervision of TDCJ transportation, mechanical needs, planning and forecasting equipment needs, emergency wrecker services for the TDCJ; managing the acquisition and maintenance service of TDCJ passenger vehicles, buses, tractor trucks, trailers and equipment; providing transportation through motor pools or vehicle assignments to TDCJ staff; and overseeing the evaluation of salvage vehicles and trailers.

The freight terminals are responsible for transporting goods, planning the shipping and distribution requirements for the TDCJ, providing safety education training for employees and offenders, and coordinating the transportation and receipt of goods with customers.

The department has oversight of approximately 2,200 active vehicles as well as several thousand trailers and other equipment. The state's online vehicle management system has the ability to measure how effectively TDCJ uses its fleet of licensed vehicles.

In fiscal year (FY) 2016, Fleet & Freight Transportation managed a fleet of 200 tractor trucks and 450 tractor trailers. Also, during the fiscal year, the four dispatch offices coordinated more than 28,000 freight hauls, and truck drivers logged approximately 6 million miles.

Warehousing & Supply

Warehousing & Supply has eight warehouses located in Beeville, Childress, Huntsville, Navasota, Rosharon, and Snyder. In FY 2016 the warehouses had an average inventory of more than $24 million and maintained 2,876 items in stock. Approximately $158 million in supplies were distributed from food warehouses, the Prison Store and other facilities during the fiscal year. Responsibilities include:

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