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Manufacturing, Agribusiness and Logistics Division

Agribusiness, Land & Minerals

Land Management

A Geographical Information System (GIS) complete with GPS (Global Positioning System) has been developed and is maintained as a tool to keep records and make management decisions on approximately 139,000 acres operated by TDCJ.

Maps are provided as needed for easements, sales or lease of property, or locations of structures within TDCJ properties.

Agribusiness field acreage is calculated by the GIS. Certain records on the field production, such as crop history or pasture types, are maintained and reported as needed. Using the GPS, changes in field boundaries or fences are measured and new acreage is calculated where feasible fruit or nut orchards are being developed. Agribusiness operations such as hay production, ornamental tree production and timber production are being developed on TDCJ units without full scale Agribusiness operations.

Road maps with unit locations and acreage are supplied as needed. Assistance with erosion control for units operating without full time Agribusiness employees is available. Work with Environmental Affairs on issues affecting Agribusiness or Land & Minerals. Assist TDCJ divisions with matters concerning land management.

Interagency agreements have been made between TDCJ and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and TDCJ and the Texas Forest Service. In addition, TDCJ works with the Texas Historical Commission, Texas General Land Office, Texas Natural Resource Conservation Service, USDA and others on matters of land management.

A sampling of the projects would include:

  • Wildlife management plans for TDCJ acreage
  • Wildlife Habitat Improvement
  • Wetlands restoration and conservation
  • Identification of historically significant sites for preservation
  • Management of TDCJ timberland
  • Recycling water for irrigation purposes
  • Sale or lease of surplus acreage