Community Justice Assistance Division (CJAD)

2017 Virtual SKILLS Conference Calendar

Tuesday, July 25. 2017 Wednesday, July 26. 2017 Thursday, July 27. 2017
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Human Trafficking

Presenter: Captain Jairo Saenz (Retired)
Texas Dept. of Public Safety – Criminal Investigations Division

This presentation will explore human trafficking: the characteristics, visual indicators, and type of victims.

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Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)
Presenter: Lynne Sharp
PREA Ombudsman
Texas Board of Criminal Justice

Discussion of the federal requirements of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

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Positive Interaction with Difficult People

Presenter: Dr. Joe Serio, PhD
Joe Serio Enterprises, LLC

Effective communication is critical to your job. And yet, there are so many people who make it very difficult to get things done. They’re annoying, stubborn, and generally a pain to deal with. This class will provide powerful tools to shift how you deal with difficult people to bring you results you never thought possible.

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Domestic Violence: The Fundamentals of Dynamics, Investigation, Prosecution, and Sentencing

Presenter: Dana Nelson
Staff Attorney for AVOICE (Advocates for Victims of Crime)

Domestic Violence touches so many people and cases in the criminal justice system. A solid foundation in the fundamentals of understanding Domestic Violence in our society and through our Criminal Justice System. There is always something new to learn and something important to be reminded of whether you are new or a veteran of criminal justice.

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Substance Use Disorders and its Relationship to Human Trafficking Victims

Presenter: Jim Hedrick
Substance Abuse Coordinator
Maryland’s Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention

Many victims of Human Trafficking were addicted prior to victimization or have become addicted during the victimization period. During this this session, we will discuss street drugs, substance addiction and treatment and how these issues can relate to Victims of Human Trafficking

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Session 2

De-escalation and Crisis Intervention

Presenter: James Turner
Senior Police Officer
Austin Police Department, Crisis Intervention Team

A mental health crisis can be stressful, hazardous and unpredictable for all persons involved. This training was created to educate the student on current de-escalation techniques and Crisis Intervention strategies for situations involving the mentally ill. Crisis Intervention training focuses on proper response when faced with an incident and what to do after to connect the individual to treatment options.

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Session 3

Session 3

Session 4

Session 4

Session 4

  Tuesday, July 25. 2017 Wednesday, July 26. 2017 Thursday, July 27. 2017
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Stress Management and the Art of Wellness

Presenter: Sgt. Robyn Wilson
Texas Attorney General’s Office

Stress is a normal psychological and physical reaction to the demands of life. Small amounts of stress can be motivating, but once it becomes dis-tress it can create problems of its own. This training will give you tools to identify and manage the stressors in your life and learn ways of becoming resilient. It will also remind you of familiar ways to take care of yourself, and give you some new perspectives.

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SAFPF Eligibility for CSCD Offenders

Presenter: Heather Clark
Program Supervisor V
Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice
Rehabilitation Programs Divisions

This presentation will provide an overview of the specific eligibility criteria and the treatment component, in addition to updated information about Special needs offenders in the Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Offenders (SAFPF). Discussion will include the difference between a regular needs and special needs unit, placement of offenders on appropriate treatment units and continued coordination with treatment staff and criminal justice professionals.

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The Victim’s Voice: Working with Victims of Crime

Presenter: Julie Jesperson
Program Specialist II
Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice
Victim Services Division

The workshop will discuss working with victims of crime. The presentation will specifically focus on issues of confidentiality, the impact of crime, tips for effective communication, making appropriate victim referrals, the Victim Impact statement and the services and programs offered by the TDCJ – Victim Services Division.

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Battering Intervention & Prevention Programs: Understanding Services for Domestic Violence Offenders

Presenter: Roy Rios and Claire Sudolsky
Family Violence Services Coordinators
Texas Council on Family Violence

Community Supervision and Corrections Departments play a critical role in domestic violence offender engagement in Battering Intervention & Prevention Programs (BIPP). Drawing on a long history of collaboration between TDCJ-CJAD and TCFV to steward the BIPP statewide program, Rios and Sudolsky will provide participants insight into the expectations and operations of BIPPs in Texas.

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Effective Documentation and Connecting the Dots

Presenter: Roberta J. Schmitz and Stefany Politte
Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Community Justice Assistance Division

The presentation will provide important information directly from CJAD Auditors. We will begin with a brief overview of TRAS and Case Planning and how to connect the dots. Furthermore we will discuss, concise, effective and factual documentation. This presentation will sharpen your case management skills while providing examples and handouts for the viewing audience.

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Sex Crimes: Predator or Pedophile?

Presenter: Detective Franklin Thomas
City of Seguin Police Dept. – Criminal Investigation Division

This workshop will discuss the common traits and attributes of the sexual predator in comparison to pedophile behaviors.  Understanding the difference between the two can assist the investigator, Parole/Probation Officer, or caseworker in better understanding how to deal with the suspect/client they are charged with handling.  Understanding the similarities and differences will help the caseworker determine what they believe the best course of action to take when dealing with the offender.

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How to Identify and Report Child Abuse in Texas

Presenter: Porscha P. Roney, LMSW
Community Engagement Specialist
Texas Department of Family & Protective Services

Have you ever wanted to know how decisions were made on what is considered child abuse and/or neglect? This presentation will give you all the information you need on recognizing and reporting child abuse and neglect in Texas. We will discuss the definitions and types of abuse and neglect according to the Texas Family Code. We will also discuss signs and symptoms of child abuse. The presentation will detail prevalence of child abuse in Texas and the basics of reporting to Statewide Intake (the Abuse Hotline).

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Child Predation by the Use of Technology

Presenter: Detective George Segura
Cybercrimes Investigator/Special Federal Investigator
San Antonio Police Department, Vice Unit

The presentation discusses juvenile use of technology. It raises discussion points about the use of applications, websites and chat mediums in an effort to educate parents about potential threats. The presentation covers Sexting, Cyberbullying, and Internet Predators. It offers parents, investigators and educator’s tools and resources to speak with and educate children as well as offer sufficient resources for investigators and parents to educate themselves on kid’s use of mobile and computer devices.

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National Center for Missing and Exploited Children -
A Powerful Resource

Presenter: Meghan Zuraw
Senior Outreach Manager
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
Texas Regional Office

This presentation provides an overview of missing and exploited children’s cases, including data on prevalence and intersections with other cases, as well as a look at the free resources provided by the National Center to help combat these cases.

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Session 8

Gang Recognition and Trends

Presenters: Det. Trey Nelson, Det. Shane Streepy,
& Det. Cliff Jaeger
Austin Police Dept. – Organized Crime Division

This session will provide a general overview of gangs, both Security Threat Groups (Prison Gangs) and criminal street gangs. It will also discuss common identifiers, differences between the two, recent trends/intelligence and the emergence of “hybrid gangs”. Finally, the discussion will focus on ways probation and local law enforcement can work together on this issue, and address any questions. Click on the link to register for this webinar:

Managing Stress and Beating the Burnout

Presenter: Dr. Joe Serio, Ph.D.
Joe Serio Enterprises, LLC

You’re moving a million miles a minute and it’s been going on for quite some time. Your managers and supervisors are telling you that everything is a priority at work; your kids are running you ragged; you feel sluggish most of the time. And then, one day, it all comes crashing down. This class helps you identify and reduce your stress and start to dial back your level of burnout. Click on the link to register for this webinar: